December training continues, parties permitting!

Saturday saw another long ride, this time about 52 miles in the Vale of Glamorgan going out north towards Llantrisant before ending back towards the coast via Cowbridge and Llantwitt Major.  I thought with the forecast I’d avoid the south Wales mountains, plenty of time for climbing in the Spring.  The mountain roads closed on Sunday due to snow – more about that later!  This link to the ride should work:

The one problem with winter riding, apart from the cold, is all the mud and muck on the roads.  Rather than having “Happy Feet” I ended up having Mucky Feet and a very dirty bike in need of a good clean when I got in from the ride.  A quick wash with the hosepipe did the job.  I did think about a ride on Sunday however the snow and freezing conditions soon put me off.  I made do with an hour and a bit on a static bike in the gym with a more structured workout; not quite as satisfying as an outdoor ride!  There ended up with over 30 cm of snow on some of the mountain roads.IMG_0445

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