Day 1 – Land’s End to Oakhampton

The big story of the day was a nasty slow speed slide on a descent covered with a thin film of mud from Truro, resulting lots of skin lost from my right thigh and some superficial grazes on my arm. The bike is fine, just a few scuff marks on the handle bar tape. I think I got off likely as there was a broken wrist within two miles of the start and a fractured hip. I can’t post photos of the injury as they may upset the reader!

The ride itself was great, sticking mainly to small country lanes. Just what I’m used to in Vale of Glamorgan although I think it was a bit of a shock to the system for some other cyclists! This is the hardest day in terms of climbing elevation. No big name climbs but lots of little, quite sharp inclines followed by tricky descents. No real time to “recover” and it was a case of taking it relatively easy, although I still managed to ride at an average of 15 mph over the 105 miles.

We saw some great scenery and also rode passed St Michael’s Mount (photos to follow when I get some decent internet access!).

St Michael’s Mount

Tonight is going to be interesting trying to sleep with a great big plaster on my leg. However, I hope I will get to sleep considering the lack of sleep last night – too excited! The same was true for everyone else staying in the hotel. I’m so glad I paid for the Plus package rather than staying in a tent!

Tomorrow we have Cheddar Gorge on the ride into Bath. Another “big day” in terms of distance and climbing required. Hopefully the pain killers will do their job and help me get though the day.

I’m looking forward to seeing my mother, brother and sister (plus my sister in law and brother in law) who are travelling down to cheer me on up Cheddar Gorge and, if I cycle fast enough, see me in Bath base camp before they need to get back home.

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