I have entered the 2018 Deloitte Ride Across Britain and am raising money to support the work of Dementia UK.  This will be a 980 mile cycle ride in 9 days and over 52,000 feet of climbing !

Why am I doing the ride?

In November 2017 I had a BIG birthday and thought it would be a good time to set a proper challenge rather than entering 100 mile sportives.  fullsizeoutput_3c0What better than having to do 9 11

0 mile sportives on consecutive days while riding from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Also I think it is a cheaper form of mid-life crisis than buying a sports car and much better for my health, or so I’ve been told !  My sister, Caroline, thinks I’m mad although she can’t talk as she did the London Marathon in 2016 – you certainly won’t catch me trying to run 26 and a bit miles.

Why Dementia UK?

My father suffered from vascular dementia and as a family we saw the devastating effect the disease can have on the individual and also those nearest to them.  I still don’t know how my mother cared for my father at home for so long before having to resort to an excellent care home when things got too much.  It’s amusing now but my father escaped from his first care home and was found wandering several miles away – climbing over five barred gates was not a problem for someone who ended up as the principal of an agricultural college!

Dementia UK deals with the “here and now” of dementia.  The charity provides support to carers and families dealing with dementia. They provide a helpline staffed by dementia specialists and also supply Admiral nurses to provide respite care.  For anyone from South Wales, the Admiral name is nothing to do with the insurance company… it comes from the nickname of the father of Dementia UK’s founder.  You can find more about Dementia UK on their website

How can you support me?

It would be brilliant if you could sponsor me for the ride.  I am not taking a “charity” place on the ride and have funded the ride myself.  The money raised by sponsorship will go to help Dementia UK fund their work.  I have set up a page on Virgin Money Giving so only 2% of your money before Gift Aid will go on administration fees.  As a tax lawyer, I would encourage you to please tick the Gift Aid box provided you meet the Gift Aid conditions.  By ticking the Gift Aid box the government then increases your donation by 25%.  The link to my sponsorship page is here